Computer Vision for FPGA, Edge and Cloud

Why StreamLogic?

StreamLogic is a comprehensive one-of-kind platform that simplifies and accelerates computer vision application development, empowering organizations to go to market faster and deliver cutting edge solutions to their customers at a fraction of the cost.

Solutions utilizing deep learning and computer vision are endless and organizations are taking full advantage of these possibilities. From automatic diagnosis of medical conditions to autonomous vehicles, and everything in between, the demand for individuals with expertise in deep learning and computer vision is at an all time high. Many organizations simply do not have the expertise or are unable to obtain qualified individuals to effectively execute on their product goals that would utilize this technology.

Enter the StreamLogic platform. With its intuitive drag-n-drop programming environment and one-click deployment process, we offer organizations a seat at the table in this emerging field without requiring personnel with specialized skills or investing heavily in additional infrastructure. Tailoring to the individual needs of our customers, StreamLogic leverages Kubernetes technology for full flexibility to host in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments. Processing can also be done on the edge or in the cloud as needed, with additional opportunities for customization. StreamLogic also offers a wide range of services to ensure our customers are successful depending on their specific needs.

Regardless of your unique use cases, StreamLogic is a first of its kind solution for organizations seeking to create great products utilizing deep learning or computer vision that will transform the future.

Case Studies

Case Study #1:

People Counting

In this case study, we used the StreamLogic platform to create a solution for counting unique individuals passing by a street camera. Key challenges of this application are detecting people and identifying multiple appearances of the same person. The solution demonstrates the use of deep learning models, object tracking and unsupervised learning.

Case Study #2:

License Plate Recognition

The StreamLogic platform is used to solve the problem of identifying license plates and extracting the plate number in a video of cars passing a fixed camera. Key challenges of this application are dealing with variation among many styles of license plates and recognizing characters from low-resolution images due to the distance of the camera. This study demonstrates the use of cascaded deep learning models in combination with traditional image processing filters and OCR (optical character recognition).

The StreamLogic Platform

Core to our offering is the StreamLogic platform which consists of the graphical design language, integrated development environment, package & deploy automation, runtime components, and middleware.

Platform Benefits

Tailored to Your Needs

Build unique image and video analytics that fit your specific use cases for a competitive edge over standard applications

Ease of Use

Intuitive drag and drop user interfaces eliminates the need for specialized skill sets

Time To Market

Stay ahead of the competition and transform your ideas into revenue generating solutions much sooner


Easily update and evolve your analytics as your business grows


Automated processes reduce complexity and increase velocity

Cost of Ownership

Reduce licensing costs and execute on your goals with fewer resources

Platform Features

These benefits are the result of a combination of several features unique to StreamLogic together with additional features based on modern concepts of software development.

Intuitive Graphical Interface In-browser graphical design tools and test environment to simplify and automate the development process.
One-click Packaging & Deployment Simplify updates with secure and automatic deployment to all your devices.
Multi-Target Deploy directly to edge devices or cloud applications.
Flexible Availability Utilizing Kubernetes technology, StreamLogic is available in the cloud, on-premise, or offered as a fully hosted solution.
System Health Alerts users of application errors and provides robust performance and health monitoring.
Customizable Supports custom code to meet your unique needs.
Type Safe Compile-time checking to reduce unexpected errors at run time.
Modular Design Support Create reusable logic shared among multiple applications.
Embedded Support Comprehensive documentation for product support and troubleshooting.

Potential Use Cases

Business and Compliance

  • Object counting (passengers, vehicles, etc.)
  • Heatmaps (activity mapping)
  • Length of stay
  • Driver performance measures
  • Privacy screen (e.g. facial/license plate blurring)

Behavior Monitoring

  • Motion detection
  • Object tracking
  • Wrong way detection
  • Linger detection

Object Recognition

  • People, faces
  • Trucks, cars, bicycles, etc.
  • Custom objects
  • License plate recognition
  • Document OCR

Our Services

In addition to simplifying the computer vision development process with our novel platform, the StreamLogic team is also available for a wide range of services to ensure that your business goals are met. Ranging from implementation, consultative services or custom development, StreamLogic is here to support your business and its varying needs along your product lifecycles. Below is a sampling of some of the services we offer but are happy to discuss other areas that will help your business to be successful.

Types of Services

Custom Models

Custom deep-learning models and model refinement to fit your business’s specific use cases.

Custom Development

We offer a wide range of custom development opportunities including back-end software, embedded software, cloud deployment, platform integration and much more.

Application Prototyping

Leverage our expertise to hit the ground running with prototypes so you can test assumptions and the market.

Performance Optimization

Let us help you find the right balance of hardware and model application that will provide you with the requisite accuracy and performance you desire.

Our Capabilities

These are some of our capabilities that are available to help your company succeed with the computer vision solutions.

Image processing (OpenCV, Dlib, custom)

Deep learning (CNN training, transfer learning)

Back end software development (Any language)

Embedded software development (C++)

FPGA development (VHDL, Verilog, HLS)

Cloud development (Docker, Kubernetes)

About Us

Origin StreamLogic began development on its platform over 2 years ago and is the brainchild of President and Founder, Scott Thibault. More than 20 years in the making, Scott has leveraged his extensive expertise in various disciplines such as Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), hardware design (FPGA), streaming and dataflow programming and machine learning to help bring StreamLogic to life. Scott holds multiple degrees (B.S., M.S. and Doctorate in Computer Science), has contributed to multiple books and is an adjunct professor at the University of Vermont in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

History As a long-time entrepreneur, Scott saw an opportunity to create a new DSL tool to enable non-programmers to build software applications centered around computer vision after he began researching dataflow programming associated with the Internet of Things (IoT). We began exploring computer vision and after developing a high level C++ framework, realized that more was needed. That’s when the concept of StreamLogic as a cloud-based graphical drag-n-drop development environment began to manifest.

Today Located in the picturesque Champlain Valley of Vermont, StreamLogic is dedicated to helping companies leverage state of the art computer vision technologies to solve their business problems. In addition to a one-of-kind platform that simplifies and accelerates computer vision application development, StreamLogic also provides a wide range of services to help ensure our clients are successful with their applications. Our team looks forward to exploring how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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